General Artwork Guidelines

Software platforms we accept:

  • Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Pagemaker, and Photoshop.
  • Microsoft office products such as Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Word.
  • With all office products you may simply "save as" a pdf and the process will go smooth.
  • We also take files made in Quark XPress.

Strive for high quality

The higher quality your file is, the higher quality your print will be! In programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, import only the largest, best quality images. Small pictures and logos saved from websites just won’t do – they are usually at 72 dpi (dots per inch). This may look fine on your monitor, but the print will be pixilated as it was compressed for speed on the internet. If you MUST use a picture you got online, make sure to use the largest, crispest, clearest version you can find. In programs such as Photoshop or InDesign, start your project with the minimum of 300 dpi and at the actual finished size your document or item will be. This will ensure clarity in the final project. 600 dpi is fine, and will produce the very best results in most cases, but going over 600 is never necessary.

Full bleeds & margins

If your document is full bleed, that means that the images or background of your project run off the side of the page, and there is no white border around it. If you do desire to make your project full bleed, then your document’s image must stretch past the page by at least .125″ so that we can trim it down to your final size. However, .25″ is preferred and will be easier for us to work with. Keep in mind that you will need to watch where you place important text and pictures so that we don’t cut them off when we trim. If you would rather not deal with this hassle, please keep all of your images and text within .25″ from the edge of your document.

Photoshop documents

Never save over your Photoshop document after you have flattened the image. If you do so, it will prevent you or us from making changes if there are issues with your layout, color, or quality. When sending us Photoshop files, please send them unflattened and include all of the fonts you used in your project. Make sure to follow the high quality guidelines above – it is very important to start out at the finished size you want, and at least 300dpi.

PDF files

Please make sure and check every option while making your PDF that will give you the highest quality settings. Default PDF settings usually bring down print quality. Many programs offer to let you save or print your document to a PDF file.